John's Belgian Bowl Games
Belgian Bowling is a great game that can be played
almost anywhere by people of all ages.
  • In your back yard
  • While camping
  • At the cottage
  • Entertaining friends
  • Between games at baseball tournaments

The Basic Concept of the Game is Simple ---- Choose
teams, set up the aIley by pounding pegs into the
ground 27 feet apart, then roll the bolles at the peg.
Closest to the peg scores. It is a lot like the game of
curling, only it is played on grass instead of ice. The
running edges of the bolles are bevelled which makes
the bolles travel on a curved path to the target.
The Game Pieces
  • 6 Bolles made of an extremely durable polymer
    each weighing 6.75 pounds (each bolle is
    numbered differently for identification)
  • 2 White Pegs made of the same durable
    polymer material
  • 2 Steel Carrying Stands for ease of
    transporting the bolles
  • 1 Rubber Mallet for pounding the pegs into the
Outdoor Family Game